18 Jul 2019

A Dozen Years

My fence has shifted over time and the mortar has cracked and fallen off.
I had to mix some mortar and fill it up again.
I know I'd done this job before - searched my old photos and found I last did it in August 2007.
12 years apart, same job, different dogs, and that little tree on the right is now huge.

22 Jun 2019

RIP Zhaan

First time I met Zhaan - in Melbourne in 2009.  She was about two years old then.
Zhaan died last month.  She was Son No. 2's dog, and a gentler, more good natured dog you would probably never meet.

She was an unusual breed for Australia - a Canaan dog.  When living in Melbourne, Son No.2 was friendly with the American community there, and apparently one of them bred Canaan Dogs.  I believe they are more common in the US.

Zhaan was 3rd generation in from wild dog status.

This breeder had since returned home, and as far as we know, Zhaan was the last of four Canaan dogs in Oz.

Ready to cross the Nullabor in 2011
When Son No. 2 decided to return to Perth, I flew to Melbourne to help him drive with Zhaan across the Nullabor.
On the way to Perth: Snowtown (South Australia) - Zhaan and I outside the disused bank made famous by the bodies in the barrels murder cases.

Zhaan lived with us for about 18 months.  Pic shows her first night with us, sharing the room with Flemington.

With Granddaughter A and Flemington
Following are some photos of our daily walks in Perth.  Even after moving out when Son No. 2 remarried, Zhaan and Molly were in our care for at least two days a week.
Exploring Adenia Reserve with Molly, my daughter-in-law's dog

Dawn at the dog beach - Molly, Zhaan and Flemington

Spring flowers in Adenia Park
In her last 18 months or so, Zhaan had a myriad of health problems.  A leaky heart valve was a major one, and she ended up on lots of medication for that.

She also suffered lots of backache and muscle cramps, for which she had acupuncture at Murdoch University Animal Hospital.  That appeared to help a lot.
She didn't really enjoy this, but it did her good,

Old and grey
My very last photo of Zhaan

3 Jun 2019

Ripper Found A Humpy

I might not have noticed it as it blended so well into the background.

It was Ripper's sniffing around it that drew my attention to this beautifully built humpy.
Humpy - a temporary Aboriginal shelter
The above picture shows an incomplete part of the humpy (left open for ventilation, perhaps?) and you can see the underlying structure of sticks and twigs leaning against an overhanging branch of the supporting tree.
Side view of the humpy

A close-up showing the leaf litter used for the walls/roof.  The overhanging branch sticks out to the left.
We continued on our walk through Adenia Reserve, and I took the following shots of Ripper in this bush setting, which I rather like, not long after sunrise (which is about 7am these days).

7 Mar 2019

Ripper at the Dog Beach

March 5th marked the first anniversary of Ripper's adoption.

To celebrate, we took him to the dog beach and to what is probably his first experience of the ocean, as the town he came from, Southern Cross, is nowhere near the sea.

He didn't want to get wet at first, but did later take to the water.

20 Feb 2019

Another Chapter Closes ...

For nearly 12 years our Tuesdays have been devoted to caring for the little ones.

As of the start of the school year this February, this has ended as the littlest one, Grandson B, starts full time Pre-Primary.

Granddaughter A starts high school; Grandson R year 4 and Grandson B Pre-Primary.

Bright-eyed and bushy tailed
What are Grandma C and me going to do on Tuesdays now?


Our Golden Showers tree outdid itself this year, with the best display we've had so far.  It was planted in 2002, the year we retired and did not flower till 2015.  Since then, the displays have got progressively better each year.
2018 on the left, and 2019 on the right.