27 Jan 2022

The Best Time To Plant A Tree ...

Chinese Tallow Tree, planted 2002
Chinese Tallow tree, planted 2002

 ... is twenty years ago.

Chinese Tallow tree, now in 2022

31 Dec 2021

New Year New Gear

My Macbook Pro was bought in 2011, and is now over 10 years old, a dinosaur in technological terms.

Recently my younger son had the opportunity to acquire a 2017 Macbook Pro, with 16 gig RAM and a 2 terabyte SSD, and asked me if I would like that as a Christmas present.

Of course, I jumped at the chance.

The new laptop

As with any new laptop, compatibility problems with existing hardware and software arose.  This time it is with my aging 2008 vertical mouse - the Evoluent.

The 13 year old Evoluent Vertical Mouse - with all its grottiness and battle scars.

Not only does the driver not work with the new OS, but I had also been putting up with a few of the buttons not working for the past year or two.

A new Evoluent, with the current exchange rate and postage costs, would amount close to A$250 - way too much to pay for a mouse!

Instead, I bought myself a Logitech vertical mouse, and so far have been very happy with it.

Logitech MX Vertical Mouse

My Desk Setup - keyboard is from 2002!

9 Jul 2021

Enjoying the Morning Mist and Mud

Here are some pics of Ripper enjoying the wet winter weather in the local reserve.  I don't allow him to run in these areas in summer as there are snakes there.

Supposedly, we are having the wettest winter in 26 years, a welcome respite from the drying trend.


5 Jun 2021

New Camera!

 Got myself a new camera.   A Canon mirrorless full frame, the EOS RP, with an adapter to take my old DSLR lenses.

So, the following morning, on a sunrise walk with Ripper at the local reserve, I got this shot, which I'm very pleased with.

24 Oct 2020

The Nannup Tiger

We visited the pleasant little town of Nannup (about 260 km from Perth) sometime ago.

Artwork depicting the woodworking heritage of the town of Nannup

Known largely as a timber milling and processing town, Nannup is also famous for sightings of the Nannup Tiger from the earliest days of European settlement.

The Nannup Tiger (Thylacinus cynocephalus) is more famously known as the Tasmanian Tiger, that island state being where the last known one was captured in 1933.

A video from YouTube shows this last known tiger.


In Nannup itself, there are wooden sculptures celebrating the Tiger, the largest known carnivorous marsupial.

Two views of the Nannup Tiger monument

Also scattered around town, amidst shrubbery in the roadside gardens are more wooden sculptures celebrating this animal.

To this day, there are people who still claim to have caught sight of this creature and that these tigers there are still around,  despite them being declared extinct in 1936.

An acquaintance I meet at the local dog park swears she saw one when living in Tasmania.

Finally, about a month ago, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation published more videos recently discovered of the last known tiger.