31 Jan 2014

When Is The Best Time To Plant A Tree?

Answer:  Twenty Years Ago.

Golden Showers

No, we haven't started partaking in this particular form of sexual delight.  That is the local name of this spectacular tree one of my neighbours have.

So I planted one 12 years ago when I retired.

This is my tree now.  Its trunk is only about a quarter as thick as my neighbour's.

But this year, it put forth a solitary flower for the first time ever!  Hopefully, we get more next summer.

27 Jan 2014

The Man Who Built Stonehenge

Above, C & A with Kim, the builder of Stonehenge in Esperance, WA.

We took granddaughter on a 5 night cruise, visiting the coastal towns of Esperance and Albany, hiring a car whilst on shore.  Photos here.

This property that Stonehenge was built on neighbours a granite quarry.  Apparently the quarry lost a major contract and this granite became available and the idea of Stonehenge was born.

Below, the Summer Solstice alignment
Below, C & A sitting on the stone altar in front of the Winter Solstice alignment.

10 Jan 2014

12 Years Ago Yesterday

Came across these pics I took in January 2002 and thought you might find them interesting.  (I don't think blogs or Facebook existed back then, so I didn't manage to communicate these pics then.)

We sold our pool and the following pics show the removal of the shell.

You can see where the chlorine in the water had bleached the fibreglass skin white after about 20 years.

A young and slim Flemington, just a few months old then.

Filling in the hole.

8 Jan 2014

3D Printer

Son No 1 assembled a 3D printer from a kit.

Some trial runs before we make a hand gun: