8 Nov 2013

The Well of Moses, Mara

I was going through my photo collection and found some interesting ones I had overlooked.

The story of this place can be found here.
 The well can be seen in the foreground of the above pic.
Sunset over the Gulf of Suez
Red pin shows the geolocation of photos as per my gps phototracker.

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  1. Interesting picture that in Marah - there is a Well to record the miracle turning of the bitter to sweet drinkable water in the Desert! Coincidentally, read this passage( Exodus:chapters 14/15)a few months back - about the Great Escape form the Egyptian Pharaoh. The records still fascinates me that despite all the miracles - the parting of the Red Sea for them to cross-over, annihilation of Pharaoh's armies, provision of oasis at Elim, Manna and quails for food, the early Israelites were recorded to grumble and protest against God and instead made the Golden Calf. Therefore they were called a "stiff-neck" people and destined to spend the next 40 years wandering in the desert. Only Joshua and a few others entered the Promised Land. What a missed opportunity! The photo recorded many of the places mentioned in the book. I have not visited Israel though. Anthony