26 Aug 2014

Train Ride: Tuntang to Ambarawa Stations

One of the ports of call in our recent Indonesian cruise was Semarang in Central Java.

We had decided to take an excursion to see Borobudur, which involved a long bus ride of close to 3 hours.

This excursion, however, also included a half-hour train ride, which provided a welcome relief from the long bus journey.

The train ride proved to be quite spectacular, taking in splendid views of the rice fields of the area.

Most enjoyable, especially as I hadn't expected much from it.
 View from Tuntang Station

Boarding the diesel train

Above, farmer with his Japanese buffalo
Ride ends at Ambarawa Station
Javanese dancers
Moving the carriages around manually


  1. The scenery are awesome, i would love to visit the place one day. Thanks for sharing Arthur :-)

  2. Arthur, I've link your blog to mine so my readers may visit your interesting blog. Thanks.