20 Dec 2014

Mandalay: Procession of Novitiates

Whilst driving along, we chanced upon this procession which our guide advised was to celebrate these boys entering the monastery.

Apparently such processions are not uncommon (we saw the tail end of another in Bagan), but this one was unusual in that it was very lavish, involving about a hundred people and four elephants.
 The novitiates rode on the elephants.
Their sisters followed next on horseback, and while the boys go to the monastery, the girls will have their ears pierced.
Other people, all dressed up, followed.
The proud parents came next.
Then, others in warrior costumes.
A comedy couple, a sexy girl with swinging hips being chased by a randy guy.
Finally, a procession of decorated bullock carts.


  1. What do the Burmese signs mean (one carried by two pretty girls, and one by the proud parents)?
    The procession conveys the following to me:
    A road in Mandalay,
    Is a path to enlightenment;
    All of life's flowery display
    Is nothing but an illusion.
    yk leong

  2. Well said yk.

    From the elaborate preparations and display by the community - it certainly shows that they take their spiritual commitments seriously. Hopefully modernisation and economic development will not erode the Burmese values.

  3. Beautiful!!! I really enjoy witnessing these traditional ceremonies. This one is so colourful. Love your pics!