5 Jan 2015

More Mandalay

View of Ayeyarwady River and other pagodas from U Ponya Shin Pagoda on Sagaing Hill, a famed meditation centre.
Sagaing is also a pottery centre.  The lady on the left is the potter and the one on the right spins the wheel for her.
Off to market - a dollar a pot.
Monks queuing for lunch at Mahagandayon Monastery.
Young novitiates were last in the queue.
Monks' quarters
View of Mandalay Hill, with the Royal Palace moat in the foreground and the Palace walls and watchtowers on the left.  These walls run in a 2 kilometre square.
Inside the Palace, a display of the last King and Queen of Burma.
At the Golden Pagoda of Mandalay (Maha Muni), where, according to legend, the Buddha statue was cast in Buddha's likeness during his lifetime when he visited Burma.  Devotees are seen here sticking gold leaf on the statue.  So much gold leaf (15 cm thick) has been applied that you can see the little bulges all over the statue.
Our guide and I, with me observing the Temple's dress code in a borrowed longyi.

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