9 Feb 2015


Bagan amazed us with the sheer number of pagodas on its dusty plain.
 In the morning we went up the Shwesandaw Pagoda to to enjoy views of the surrounding pagodas.
Towards evening, we went up the Thabinnyu Temple to enjoy similar views.
Here we met these young boys who showed off their collection of dollar notes from around the world and wanted an ozzie one from us.  We gave them our dollar, which is a coin, and they couldn't believe we didn't have a paper dollar.
We stayed till sunset, and then it was time for dinner.


  1. Gosh!!! These are stunning!!! So beautiful! And a whole lot nicer than those gold plated ones. Love that last pic - breathtaking! Ya...seems to see them a lot in some countries - these little boys asking for money - Indonesia, Philippines...

    1. They were really nice and polite kids and we didn't mind giving them a dollar or two at all.