13 Apr 2015

Willy Wagtail Again

The willy wagtail continues to keep C company whenever she goes to the yard to do the weeding.

She managed to grab a short video of it chattering and singing with her phone.

By now, Flemington is very used to babies and toddlers and can tolerate their clumsiness when handling him.

It wasn't always so, as he used to growl at first grandchild A, when she was rough with him, much to the consternation of my DIL.

Note his shaved belly: he had a scan done a couple of months ago which showed that the has a tumour on his liver.  My poor old friend.

Our latest pic, taken at Easter.
C enjoys having the grandkids around, and secretly wants more.  So I gave her another two.


  1. Oooo...lovely kids! So many. The girl standing and the one sitting, are they twins? They sure look identical! The two boys too. Hmmmm...so it was some camera trick. LOL!!!

  2. I should have got them to change clothes and maybe it'd look more realistic. Maybe next time!