11 Jun 2015

Li'l Gardener

Little R, now 4, embarked on a vegetable gardening project with his dad last weekend.

He's extremely proud of his vegetable garden and has vowed to eat all the vegetables he grows.  Whether he does this remains to be seen as he is an extremely fussy eater.
However, Grandma C unintentionally upset him when she warned him of the dangers of our dreaded "white butterfly" which will come and lay its eggs on delicious greens which its caterpillars will devour.

Long ago I grew some broccoli and they looked very good, that is, until I put them in the microwave.  That's when all the little caterpillars started coming out to escape the heat!

Grandma's had to give him shade cloth to protect his precious plant.

He's now given me his leftover seedlings with specific instructions to grow them ...

... which has forced me to leave the comfort of my computer desk this morning and get out to the backyard to start digging and preparing the soil as best I can for his seedlings.  I didn't lash out on a fancy gardening kit (no digging involved) like the one he has.

Whether any of my vegies will survive remains to be seen.


  1. It's good he started out at a young age and who knows one day he may own a big vegetable farm in W A lol

    1. Yes, who knows? Anything is possible. But as long as he enjoys this, that's the main thing for now.

  2. That's one handsome boy!!! Looking good, the veg he has planted - mine will not even sprout and if any does, it will die very soon. I just don't have green fingers. Those are spring onions, right? I am ok with those, grow them in a pot, readily available for use when needed.

    1. Yes, I think there are spring onions. The others are different kinds of lettuce and spinach. But these will be attacked by caterpillars and snails.

  3. Good to see you passing down your green hands to the young, Arthur. Life does go in a circle and it is good to have a vegetable plot in your backyard. I have cherished this thought ever since we acquired our present home with some planting space 30 over years ago, but planting had been sporadic with the ocassional spring onions, sweet potatoes, lady fingers and even a luffa gourd, but it never really took off as envisaged as nurturing them and managing garden pests was a challenge.

    Recently, I heard over the broadcast, that this interest is now developing in Singapore, more seriously to try and grow for local consumption. My wife bought a locally grown pumpkin and it taste sweeter, better than the imported ones from neighbouring countries! It would be interesting to see whether this trend can develop and we will be supporting more locally grown produce. I am however more positive now than before, especially with the resourcefulness and dreams of our younger generation. I hope your foray into the vegetable plot is successful and we can have more interesting sharings on how vegetables are grown and tendered in Australia!

    The 28th SEA Games are now taking place in Singapore started 5th June (www.seagames2015.com) at the new Spore Sport Hub (former Kallang National Stadium site) as the main venue. The official opening of the Hub,( a Billion dollar project) will only be held in July. Yesterday, Singapore has passed 70 Golds mark, and we can look forward towards more happenings from the youngs going forward.

    1. Hi sweetee

      No, I'm afraid I have nothing to do with R's introduction to gardening - the credit goes to his dad. Yes, maintaining a garden of any sort is hard work. I tried it initially in the 80s, but gave it up.

      BTW, missed seeing you at the reunion.