21 Jun 2015

Village Hotel, Katong

A couple of weeks ago, we spent a few days in Singapore catching up with family and also for me to attend the 50th anniversary reunion of our class of '65.

We chose to stay at the Village Hotel in Katong, close to my mother's house.  I was advised that this used to be the Paramount Hotel.  Personally, I don't remember it at all.

This hotel offers shuttle bus services to and from the airport, and we managed to take advantage of this both ways, saving a bit in taxi fare.

From the balcony I could get a glimpse of my old haunt in Katong, looking towards my mother's house.

A close up look shows the corner of Ceylon Rd (where I wasted many happy hours of my student days with old friends now lost) and the St Hilda's Church, where my older boy used to attend kindy.
Looking the other side shows Parkway Parade ...

... and a once grand seafront bungalow, where one of our schoolmates, a year or two our senior, used to live.

Now, this old house is sadly marooned inland, the road in the photo being exactly where the beach was.
Here's some shots of our very nice spacious room.   There is also a supermarket downstairs for easy shopping for fruit, etc.
I  managed to catch a sunrise one morning.
Transport is very convenient from here; I even managed to travel to and from the reunion by just one bus, involving only about a half kilometre walk up Claymore Hill to the Tanglin Club.

The hotel also has free wifi; I remember 3 or 4 years ago I stayed at the Roxy Mecure next door and they charged me $17 a day!  I suppose free wifi is more prevalent nowadays.


  1. Yes it was the Paramount Hotel. They have renovated the hotel and the room looks comforty. I won't stay in a hotel w/o free wifi.
    Thanks for sharing Arthur.

  2. Yes, I won't either nowadays.

  3. Paramount sounds familiar. Can't put my finger on it though. I remember Lion City but it is not in Katong, round the corner somewhere...and long ago, Ambassador...at Tanjong Rhu. My friend stayed with his uncle at Arthur's Road, 1973...so every Friday, we would go there, walk to the beach for a swim...and then have dinner at the coffee house there. Can't do that anymore - the beach is not so far away after the land reclamation.

    1. *now so far way*

    2. As far as I remember, Paramount Hotel did not exist in the 70's. It's site was probably occupied by Palace Cinema, if I'm not wrong.

      Yes, the reclamation changed a lot of things for us old timers.

  4. You can see us at Tanjong Rhu beach in this post...1973:

  5. Thanks - have had a look and enjoyed your old photos.

  6. Arthur, as usual nice shots which brings out the memories. You are more up to date than me as my memory is still of the demolished Paramount Hotel which fronts Marine Parade Rd.
    If Village Hotel stretches from the Marine Parade Rd side right to East Coast Road, then it would occupy the site of the old Palace Cinema.
    The half fronting East Coast Road - the Palace Cinema site, was previously a shopping centre, fronting Paramount Hotel - I shall have to recci the location to confirm that this portion has also been demolised.

    Your shot of Ceylon Road, captured the Ritz Apple Strudel (katong outlet). It is my favourite Strudel shop - apple, strawberry, durian and i think also blueberry. If you order early, they would bake it on site for you - a must try!

    I must say that your memory of the shore-line reminded me that Marine Parade Rd is built on reclaimed land from the sea.

    Thank you once again for sharing and enlightening.

    1. Hi sweetee,

      Thanks for confirming that that was the site of the Palace Cinema. I had suspected that but was not entirely sure.

      I have not developed a taste for Apple Strudel, and did not visit that shop. In the old days there was a serabat stall in the lane behind that strudel shop and I used to spend many hours there with friends. And also at the coffee shop across from the strudel shop on the other side of Ceylon Road, sadly hidden in my photo.