18 Sep 2015

RIP Don Kibul

It never rains but it pours.

Last Sunday, my doggie friend in Singapore was killed by a thoughtless, reckless young medical specialist who was speeding up a short driveway leading to the condominium where they lived.

The driver is a habitual offender, who despite several complaints, continued to speed his Porsche up and down that short driveway.

I love Don.  He was a stray adopted by a loving family and over the years grew to trust me as I surreptitiously fed him choice titbits from the dinner table, much to the disapproval of my hosts.

Because of his background, he was always wary and distant but during my last visit in June, he was especially affectionate.  Unfortunately, that was to be our last time together.

In 2007, I posted his story from an email from his adopted mum and repost it here.

Don, the stray dog, leads a charmed life.

On the morning when he was nabbed by the pest control company (cos
somebody lodged a complaint about a stray in the neighbourhood), our driver A, was there to give him his food as usual.

So I called the AVA, SPCA and other animal welfare organizations to
locate him. If no one reported the loss of a pet, all animals caught off the streets will be handed to AVA and they will eventually be put down.

With the help of a friend who works for an animal shelter,
we got him out of AVA the following day and into the kennel.

Subsequently, I had about 5 phone calls asking for the
dog. He is such a familiar sight in Tanglin Road that he was missed by those who knew him.

Posters were put up on tree trunks to ask of his whereabouts. They
knew he was nabbed by the AVA and the people there gave them my contact number.

We had calls from a British family, an Indian lady and a Japanese
couple who wanted to adopt him and send him to Japan!!A couple of other people also called cos like FH, they feed him on a regular basis.

We knew one of them cos we
took turns to feed him when we found out that Don was getting too much food in one day. She fed him on weekends and we do it from Mon thru Friday.

The British family told us that they had calls from
their friends who knew of Don when they were living in Singapore (and are now in New York) to get updates on the dog's fate.

His full name is Don Kibul. Kibul is Tagalog for 'no
tail'. He has been docked and then abandoned we think.

The Filipino handler at the kennel is very good with
him and named him Kibul when Don first arrived at the kennel.

We were away then and
could only visit Don about two weeks after.


  1. How can anyone trust the medical services of such a reckless guy? For the benefit of Singaporeans - his initials and medical specialty?

    1. Will tell you privately.

    2. Just out of curiosity, what is this fellow's medical specialty?

    3. Plastic Surgeon

    4. Ahh, I see. Plastic surgeon. So desu-kah! Obviously, this man's perception of beauty is only skin deep at a level below that of a dog whose qualities of loyalty and unconditional love are inborn. Be careful where you go for your next nose job, eye job, mouth job, lips job and other skin-deep job done.

    5. Well said, Prof. ....by the shallow for the shallow. His first words of apology came with the offer to buy a new dog.

  2. It's always sad to hear or read of such news.

    1. A sad event which could have been avoided with a bit of care.

  3. I just cannot stand the mentality of those people. Medical specialist some more? Not one of those uneducated, uncivilised ones with giant-sized egos and pea-sized brains! I don't know where parents have gone wrong with the likes of those. We have a lot of them around here. Ain't so bad if the lives they kill are just their own! So pissed off by the way they drive...like their grandfathers owned the roads.

    1. Sharing this on my Facebook page, hopefully it may help a bit in raising awareness among parents and my younger friends. Hope you don;t mind.

    2. Not at all. Thank you for caring. That guy is just lucky he did not kill a person, not that Don's life is worth any less to his owners and me.

  4. Such a sweet looking boy. I rather he ran a human over. With repeat offenders, they need to learn the lesson the hard way. I hope Don's owners intent to pursue the matter.

    1. Thank you for your comment. Yes, a police report has been made.

  5. I think should report him to the medical council. Police will not do much about such cases.

    1. Good idea. I have forwarded your comment to the owners.