6 Nov 2015

Soccer Balls on my Bike?

Ever since I got my Ridley from about a month ago, I've been puzzled by these two "soccer" balls near the bottom bracket.

At first I thought they were stickers and tried to peel them off, but no, they're actually painted on the frame and covered by a clear protective coat.

There's another two directly on the other side of the bike, partially obscured by the chain ring.

There are other little numbers elsewhere on the bike, like the one below, which are not so
mysterious - the 5Nm indicates the torque limit to which the adjoining bolts should be tightened and no more.

Yes, my bike has a clock - this is an accessory which I installed.

The problem was finally solved by worldly wise Son No 1, who said the answer lay on the other side of the bike.
They were not soccer balls, but Lotto balls!

Lotto Belisol sponsored a team in the 2013 Tour de France which rode the Ridley bike.  Sad to say, they came in 20th out of 22 teams.

Lotto operates the Belgian lotto game and Belisol are window manufacturers.

Mystery solved.


  1. Yes, for a while I thought they were billiard or pool balls. :D

    1. I must confess I never thought of pool balls. They were puzzling, till my son figured it out.