5 Dec 2015

Yoga - the Lizard Pose

I stepped out to fetch the morning newspaper from the driveway yesterday morning, and noticed this on my way back in.
I thought he was dead and lifted him by the strand of spider's web that was holding him up to throw him in the trash.

But as I broke the strand, he scampered away.

I caught him again and tried to remove as much of the strand as I could, but couldn't do too much as he struggled and I let him run off.

I wonder how long the poor fellow had been stuck there.


  1. One picture, many thoughts.
    (1) There is indeed a lizard pose or posture in yoga -
    Master Gekko is more like doing the handstand, if not the headstand.
    (2) This picture shows what is well-known about the steel-like nature of spider web silk. It normally traps houseflies and mosquitoes. Average weight of a housefly is 12 micrograms, that of a small lizard is about 3 grams, which is a quarter of a million times that of a fly. Yet the lizard could not free itself from one strand of spider web silk. For more about the incredible strength of spider web silk, see
    (3) The lizard could have starved to death or been eaten by a snake if it was not freed –
    “Set free all sentient beings.” – The Sutra of Oz

    “Heh, heh, set free, be happy.” -- Arthur of Oz

    I tried unsuccessfully to include an image of the famous Laughing Buddha of Chinese Buddhist folklore. The likeness is striking

    1. Thanks for the info on webs. Who would have thought such a humble mundane thing could have such properties?

      "You cannot drag picture into comment box." -- The Lizard of Oz

      (Incidentally, Paul Keating was called "the Lizard of Oz" by the press, when he escorted the Queen by placing his hand in the small of her back, thereby breaking tradition that one must not touch a Royal!)

  2. You have those there? My brother in Auckland married a kiwi, a New Zealander...and when he brought her home on holiday, those things scared the living daylights out of her. She would shriek hysterically, "Chi...chak! Chi...chak!!!" Those were the small ones... LOL!!!

    1. Yes we do have a variety of these lizards. Unlike the chichak, they don't come into the house. I remember in my childhood days, the chichak would congregate round a fluorescent tube and catch insects.