29 Mar 2016

A Smaller Piece of the Pie

I thought it's been two years since I last went to a Bike Week free breakfast event, but on checking my photo collection for a pic of the breakfast I had then, I found that's it was four years that I last went!

Time flies when you're retired.

A whole lot of events were scheduled for Bike Week each year, but I've only ever been to the free breakfast ones.

I had two breakfast events in my sights; one at Elizabeth Quay, and the other at Raffles Hotel.

When the day came for the one at EQ, it was too hot and humid for me to venture out, and so I was left with the other one.
I was quite surprised at the number of stalls and all the activity.  In the ones I've been to, it was just a BBQ and cyclists milling round having their breakfasts.
 A radio station was there, doing a live show.

A new bike sharing rental system for the city was also there, introducing their service.

Some other stalls were trying to promote cycling gear.

 And the breakfast?

The chefs (above) and this is what I got (sorry for the blurred pic).

Four years ago, there were no stalls, no hoop-la, but a whole lot more breakfast!

While I was taking pics with my phone, I must have inadvertently upset the gps system and the resulting map of my ride made it look like I flew home!


  1. Good atmosphere indeed! However I noticed that the Sausage bun does not come with greens.

    Now I know where Sembawang Corp's Garbage Collection imported their bins from. I have a similar green plastic Garbage bin standing outside my house, as well as a similarly designed blue-coloured bin for recycle-able items.

    1. No greens, but quite a bit of onion under the sausage.

  2. LOL!!! You cycled across the water!!! That was funny.

    I love such events - when I was younger, I would hang around the broadcasting booth, asking for songs to be played. No, we were not all that keen to listen to the songs, we only wanted the cheap thrill of hearing our names announced. I even sent requests to programmes on Singapore radio in the 60's and 70's...and tune in on short wave radio. Those were the days.

    1. This happens once a year, but often I miss it because I don't like cycling in hot weather. March can still be quite hot at times, but from next month onwards, it should be nice.

  3. There is something weird/ spooky/ illusionary about the fourth photo. A man (green, white and blue T-shirt) is walking away from the camera with his torso detached from his legs. (:-O) Camera playing tricks?

    1. Nothing gets past you, Prof! A closer look would suggest that the entire bottom half of that picture is shifted to the left, yet there is no demarcation line to show where this happened. It might have some thing to do with the way the shutter works in a mobile phone camera and perhaps also with the fact that the top half is bright and the bottom half is in shadow.

      I'm quite stumped, though. Haven't been able to come up with anything per Google.

    2. It seems possible to detect the horizontal line along which the top/ lower half of the picture is shifted by aligning the affected objects, like the black pole and blue signboard on the right side of the picture or the affected halves of people affected. It would be interesting to know how this could have happened :)

    3. Closest I can find: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rolling_shutter
      Not the full story though.

    4. Thanks for the info. As you mentioned in an email to me, it's an iPhone bug that strikes at random. A rare event too. (Wonder if it has been fixed in newer models.) Thanks for that rare moment :)