7 Mar 2016

Vuvuzelas, Redbacks and Wildcats

Last Tuesday, this little fellow managed to find the vuvuzela, a leftover from the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

I didn't even know that we had a vuvuzela was in the house!
 Believe it or not, he could actually blow out a note.
It being a fine day, with much of the summer heat over, we spent some time out of doors.  Here, he's enjoying the fountain, which Grandma C and I built when we retired in 2002.
A week or two ago, I found one of our venomous redback spiders eating a cockroach.

I don't have any close-up photo equipment to take a picture of it with, so I used a telephoto lens instead.  Didn't come out too well, but I thought you might find the spider of interest.
You might know this old ozzie song about the redback and its bite.
So, on to the Wildcats.  Remember I said they made the grand final of the National Basketball League?

They won the first game (best of three) in Perth against the NZ Breakers.  The second game was held in Auckland.

Son No 2, ever impulsive, booked himself a flight to Auckland to watch the game.
On the way there, he met the General Manager of the NBL conveying the trophy to Auckland, and managed to persuade him to take this picture!  (That's Son No 2 in the pic, not the GM.)

The NZ Breakers won in Auckland last Friday, but lost to the Wildcats yesterday (Sunday) in Perth.  The Wildcats got the title for the 7th time.

Below, pics from Facebook of the 2 sons celebrating with some of the players (and beer).


  1. Hahahahaha!!!! Your grandson is so so adorable, so cute! Ya, I saw in the news - Perth Wildcats won. Congrats to the team. Very impressive trophy, that one!

    1. He is the naughtiest of the three; by the time he goes home, I am fully exhausted. I'm surprised you get our sports news in Sibu.

    2. I browse through news from everywhere online...and share anything of interest on Facebook. Some say I'm faster than CNN. LOL!!!

    3. Yes, I also read online news, mainly Australian and Singapore, with a bit of Malaysian news.

  2. He must be the youngest Vuvuzela player - try applying to the Guinness Book of Records:) What's his name?
    Are your sons identical twins? They look like so. I don't think you ever mention to them by name, only by numbers, like son #2 (too mathematical even for a mathematician, ha ha).

    1. I wouldn't call Blake a player, he just blows sporadic notes. Sons are 18 months apart.