26 Aug 2016

Today I Found Out ...

...that 26 August in Oz is National Dog Day.

In all the years with Flem, we never celebrated this day due to my ignorance of this fact.  

26 Aug, incidentally, is also the anniversary of Flem's death last year.

How quickly time flies.

Today, however, we had the pleasure of the company of our two furry grandkids - Molly and Zhaan.

These days, they spend about 2 days a week with us and we enjoy taking them for walks.

Being National Doggie Day, I took some pics of them today, when out in the front yard enjoying the weak winter sun.

Here's gentle-natured Zhaan, getting older, and now with some grey scattered through her black fur.
And here she's admiring Grandma C's roses.
Molly's a skinny girl - you can feel all her ribs and spine through her fur, and she needs to keep warm with a jumper, even though winter's ending and today's about 20°C.

 I love the colouring of her ears.
Finally, a couple of pics of our fur-less grand children (taken from the mum's Facebook).

I don't know the full story of this one, but it sure sounds like he skipped assembly to watch the heavy machinery work (he's crazy about them).  Skipping classes might just run in the family.

And here, Grandson R and his big sister A were all dressed up for their school's book week.
 I'm out of touch with children's literature these days, but apparently they're Curious George and Friday Barnes, Girl Detective.


  1. Hi Arthur, interesting to learn about the National day for dogs. We don't have one here. With dogs and grandchildren, I am sure you have plenty of blog material. Plus gardening, cycling, work around the house, etc! I keep a draft ready even before a current blog is posted. A draft each for baking and for photography. This way, there's always something post-ready and I don't feel pressured or lost for something to blog next! More power to you, mate!

    1. Hi Drdoughlittle, thanks for visiting and commenting. I'm afraid I'm not that well organised - I blog only when an idea pops into my head and that's happening less frequently now!

      Love your blog and really must try that last bread of yours.

  2. I think I've heard of Curious George but not Friday Barnes, Girl Detective. That grandson is so cute - sat there watching, full concentration. Going into architecture or engineering? Love your dogs, lovely sweater, very nice pictures!

    1. Thank you, suituapui. There are so many children's books these days and the ones we grew up with are all out of date. Still, my granddaughter read some Enid Blyton recently and enjoyed it. The dogs visit us twice a week and we enjoy walking them.