24 Nov 2016

Oi! Finally.

Last April I took part in a crowdfunding venture to fund a newly designed bicycle bell called "Oi".

The bell was supposed to be manufactured and then delivered by July this year.

There was delay upon delay; reports of manufacturing problems, bad batches of bells and then, when first delivered, unhappy customers who said their bells were duds or not loud enough, or rang with every bump in the road.

Mine finally reached me in early November ( I had ordered 2; a black one for Son No 1, and a copper coloured one for myself).
The box was a little scratched, but the contents were fine.
Side view.  I'm quite pleased with the way it looks on my bars.
Front View
View from the saddle
For me, there are no complaints.  It works well, looks good.   A black one would have looked less prominent on the black handlebar (which was what Son No 1 wanted) but I couldn't resist the copper colour.
It worked out well for me, but I have looked at some projects on Kickstarter where supporters have waited over three years and delivery is still outstanding!


  1. Looks good on the bike handle, even if it's bronze coloured. The "oi" name reminds me of "oi, oi" when we shout to others to get out of the way when they are suddenly in our way. Cute name (brand?).Enjoy your rides...

    1. Hi PuaTK, I think that's the reason they called the bike "Oi". The company is Knog, based in Melbourne, and they make a lot of bicycle lights.

  2. Copper is nice! Yes, me too! I imagine a bell that will go, "Oi! Oi!" to get people to get out of your way. LOL!!!

    1. Yes, "oi" is what most people would shout - it is a good name for a nice design.