27 Jan 2017

Christmas Lights (... and yes, I'm very late!!!)

What a start to the year we've had!

First was the trip to Singapore to visit sick rellies, then eye surgery for me, and then, a return trip to Singapore as the people we visited (my mother and Grandma C's uncle) both passed away within days of each other.  Thanks to our friends who visited or sent messages of condolence.  Your thoughtfulness is much appreciated

I think I've done my share of flying for this year!


For many years, there has been a growing trend for Perthites to light up their homes for Christmas, and Son No 1 and wife have been driving their kiddies round to see these homes.

Last Christmas, they opted  to take their kiddies on a boat ride to see the decorations of homes along the Mandurah (a little town about 70 km south of Perth) canal development.

Grandma C and I tagged along.
I'm afraid, though, that's about the only picture I took but it gives you an idea of what the decorations look like.
Earlier on, before the boat ride commenced, these sculptural picture frames proved to be very popular not only with the children but also adults of all age.
Little Grandson B, of course, strutted about like he owned the place, and kept everyone busy trying to prevent him from falling into the water.
Finally, dinner was at the well known Cicellero's Fish and Chips.


  1. Kung Hei Fat Choi.
    Hello Arthur. My God 2016 finished in a way not cheerful for you. Hope 2017 will be a year that counts. I wish you good health, a lot of joy. :-)

    1. Kung Hei Fat Choi to you too, Reader's Tales. Thank you for your good wishes.

  2. Beautiful! Anytime nicer than the Christmas lights at Orchard Road. So sorry to hear about the passing of your dear ones, heartfelt condolences to all. My mum was taken seriously a few days ago, we thought she would not survive the new year but thankfully, she made it through. She's 86, 87 this year so there isn't much of a celebration for us this year, going in and out of the medical centre all the time.

    Anyway, Qong Xi Fa Cai to you and all your loved ones, a Blessed and Happy Year of the Rooster.

    1. I'm glad your mother is ok. Mine was 95. Here's wishing you and your family a Happy Chinese New Year.

  3. On this first day of the year of the rooster, may I wish you
    身体健康 (Good health)
    心想事成 (May all your wishes come true.)

    1. Thank you my friend, and all our good wishes to your family and you.