2 Mar 2017

Artistry and High Tea

I did mention, a few posts ago, our visit to the Singapore's National Art Gallery and that I'd be posting more about it.

The exhibition that was on at the time of our visit was called "Art and Empire", if I remember correctly and depicted the growth of the British Empire.

The Gallery allows photos to be taken of all items but one, the copyright of which belongs to a certain Japanese gentleman I was told.

So here's a few I enjoyed.

This painting, by an unknown artist and entitled "The Departure of King Thibaw and Queen Supalayat from Mandalay at the End of the Third Burma War in 1885" was an especially poignant one for me as we had visited Mandalay and the Palace a few years back.

I have, in fact, a photo of the observation tower with the spiral staircase in the top left of the painting.
Wandering through the Gallery, we stumbled on Violet Oon's restaurant.
Recognising that she had been a contemporary of ours during our student days (though we never knew her personally), and being in need of a good sit-down, we entered the beautifully set up space and had high tea there.
High tea was $53 for the two of us, and quite a bargain we thought, given the ambience of the place and the generous amount of sweet and savoury delights reminding me of my Peranakan heritage.
I thought this tray was cleverly designed, being reminiscent of a tiffin carrier.

Pork bun and sambal sandwich

L to R: Otak, nasi kunyit, pie tee, and buah keluak

The sweets, and I can't remember all the names, though.


  1. Anonymous3:55 am

    It is on our to-do list - High Tea at the Gallery! The pics confirm it! I think the stories of the last king of Burma, and last mughal in India are poignant, whatever the politics. The last mughal of Delhi is buried in Yangon, and we saw his memorial a couple of years ago. (King Thibaw's tomb is in India.) Kay

    1. We could have spend many more days at the Gallery. I didn't know about the last Mughal emperor being buried in Yangon; we completely missed that.

  2. Violet Oon??? I know her, even before I knew of any of those masterchef celebrities that we have around today. I sure would love to drop by her restaurant for high tea. The decor looks like some typical English pub.

    1. I believe she has 3 restaurants in Singapore. Good idea for you to drop by, you're closer to Singapore than I am!

  3. You made my day with this awesome post, Arthur!! I love the paintings you showed here, they are so special... And this high tea is just lovely. The setting is beautiful and refined and the mini cakes and mini sandwiches are mouth-watering.
    Bravo. Have a great weekend :)

    1. Glad you liked it, Reader's Tales. High tea is always enjoyable and fun.

  4. i am captivated with this outstanding post!
    first painting worth stare for hours
    you capturing is just fantastic!
    i enjoyed this virtual visit soooo much !!!
    thank you for this delightful treat dear!

    1. You're welcome Baili. I'm glad you enjoyed the paintings.