21 Sep 2017

Growing Old

Here's a photo of Zhaan I took when she was about 4 years old.
A young and fresh-faced Zhaan
And here is she now, at over 10 years old.
Just like people, dogs go grey too.
Zhaan was very ill, as I have mentioned a few posts ago.  She had a leakage in one of the valves in her heart and would just collapse suddenly on her side.

After a few such episodes, Son No 2 took her to their local vet, who misdiagnosed it as epilepsy, and gave her tablets for that.

This proved to be quite disastrous, as Zhaan then started having fits constantly.  She was in a real bad way, and things didn't look too good for her.

Son No 2 then took her to the Murdoch University Animal Emergency Centre, and they correctly diagnosed the problem after some tests and provided the correct remedy.

It was not cheap to be treated at the Emergency Centre.  The visits and tests cost over A$3500, but luckily Zhaan was insured.

Her continuing medication for the rest of her life, however, costs about A$300 per month!

Humans in Australia get government subsidised medication, so that we pay about A$35 a prescription.  Unfortunately, pets do not receive such subsidy.

On the bright side, Zhaan and Molly spend every Wednesday and Friday with us and I take them for walks in the morning.  In the evening, Grandma C takes them out, and they have dinner at our place before going home.

Here are some photos of one of our walks last winter.
Adenia Park, a nature reserve near our home.
Out walking just as the sun is rising
The Canning River borders the northern end of the park

I don't bring them to this reserve in the warmer months, as there are quite a few snakes here.
Molly enjoying the lush winter growth
Zhaan is quite fit and well now, and takes great delight in sprinting across the park and chasing other dogs.  And that's such a joy to see.


  1. I am glad to hear that Zhaan is now quite fit. Since childhood our family had kept about 15 dogs ( and also several Siamese and local cats ). They were good companions. I can feel the relationship of your family with your dogs. Best wishes.

    1. Thanks, PP. Your family must have really loved dogs. I never had dogs when growing up. We had a cat.

  2. That's a lovely place. Bet your pets enjoy the walks in the park.

    1. Yes, suituapui. That is a beautiful park which the dogs love. I call it doggie heaven.

  3. I am so sorry for the misery of poor zhaan dear friend.

    I can imagine the depth of pain you suffered with the illness of your beloved pet.

    How shocking that doctors misdiagnose in such developing countries too as i thought it happens only in under developing countries.

    It is quite huge amount you spent on her my friend but this is great that she is fine now.

    Beautiful pictures of moly and zhaan!

    Growing age brings many health issues in all living beings

    1. Thank you, baili. Zhaan belongs to my son, and Molly is his wife's. The dogs come to visit us twice a week and we enjoy having them around, especially as my own dog died about 2 years ago. Yes, it is shocking that vets and doctors can make mistakes. However, they are only human.