5 Dec 2017

Cruising to Phuket

Not having cruised for some time, I forgot that ships usually forbid photography at their shows.  In addition, we arrived late for the first night's show and missed the usual warnings prohibiting photo and video taking.

So I happily took photos.

 I was a naughty boy (smack on wrist!)!

After leaving Singapore, and a full day and night at sea in the Malacca Straits, we landed at Phuket and, as usual, Grandma C and myself took an excursion to see what we could see.
My GPS device and software at work, showing the places we visited
A photo of the new king at Cape Promthep:
View from the Cape - Rhapsody in Blue
I don't find temples and churches very interesting, so during the visit to Wat Chalong, while Grandma wandered off into the temple, I sat in the shade and watched this fellow sell and light up firecrackers for the worshipers.
The structure in which they set off the firecrackers
An armful of firecrackers

He hangs them up inside the structure
The exhaust fumes
I don't really care for cultural shows either, but this one was good as Grandma C got roped in in the audience participation section.
Glad it wasn't me!


  1. Hahahahaha!!!! Why didn't you join Grandma in the dance? Let your hair down, enjoy!!! :D

    1. haha, I cannot do these things - too self conscious!

  2. I am glad that you manage to took photo as i wonder they ships don't allow photos?
    thank you for interesting sharing dear ausiroo

    1. Hello baili. They always announce that you cannot take photos or videos for copyright reasons.