20 Apr 2018

Earning His Keep

Our newspaper comes rolled tightly in clingwrap, partly to protect it from rain, but mainly for the deliver's convenience.

He's quite a sight as he drives along with the newspapers beside him and he throws the paper from the driver's window over the roof of his car, and landing the paper somewhere on our driveway.

Some days it can be a bit of a treasure hunt looking for the paper.

When Grandma C was in Singapore a week or two ago visiting a sick aunt, I took the opportunity to teach Ripper to locate and bring in the newspaper.

Here's a little clip of him in action:
He only took 2 days to learn the trick.

The weekend papers, however, are too big for his little mouth to handle.


  1. Such a clever dog!!! I hope Grandma C's aunt is getting better. So nice of her to go and visit - old folks love it so much when people come visiting, like my mum last time. Never failed to put a smile on her face.

    1. Thank you, suituapui. He's a very good watchdog, too. Very aggressive, even though he's only a little one.