15 Jun 2014

Hakone Day Trip

We took a trip to Hakone, 85 km southwest of Tokyo, primarily to see Mt Fuji.
Above photo shows the road to Mt Fuji closed at the First Station due to bad weather (we were going to drive up to the Fifth Station).   Supposedly, Mt Fuji can usually be seen in the photo above between the trees.
The only photos of Mt Fuji to be had that day.

But we saw a lot of cherry blossoms; those in Tokyo had already ended their season.

Then up a cable car called the Hakone Ropeway to see the Owakudani crater.
Then we went on a cruise on nearby Lake Ashi, not on these Pirate Ships though.
Time to return to Tokyo via the Bullet Train - pic below shows C at Odawara Station, with a Bullet Train speeding between her and another stationary one.
Inside the train
Dinner at a restaurant near our hotel
But for missing Mt Fuji, it was a good day.

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  1. Did you visit the onsen Arthur? I love soaking in the hot spring.