5 Jun 2014

Tokyo Walkabout

 Our cruise ended in Tokyo and we took a train from the port to the district of Ikebukuro where our hotel is.

The following are pics of our day walking around Ikebukuro and in the Ginza.

I liked the multi-storey bicycle parking.  Was looking for the automated underground ones, but didn't seen any.  Later found out that there were some at Shinagawa Station, where we took our train from.
A video of it in action is here.

Stumbled into a Bangla Dash food fair at a local park.

Didn't eat here, because we just had lunch - very good burgers at this joint (just opposite our hotel).  I believe they're in Singapore as well.

Pavements have designated lanes for pedestrians and cyclists.

Took the train to the Ginza
Dinner time!

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