16 Oct 2014

Police Escort

The ship docked at Semarang and we took an excursion to Borobudur, which though only about 100 km away, was supposed to be a journey of well over 3 hours.

The solution was to get us a police escort, which blasted a way for us through congested crossroads and jams.  Even then the journey took about 3 hours each way.

I'd been to Borobudur in the mid-70's but it was C's first visit.  I don't remember the beautiful gardens that now surround the monuments though.
C amongst the stupas, holding her collapsible batik hat, which folds into a fan as well! A$2.
View of the gardens and Borobudur, from lunch at the Manohara Hotel


  1. Stunning pictures. Thanks for sharing Arthur.

  2. Did you and Cheryl have the Satay and the Ayam penyet and savour the evening air and scene at the restaurant overlooking the Borobudur?

  3. Great article. I love the Stupas ;) No pagodas there?