5 Nov 2014

Flemington's 14th Birthday

Yesterday was Melbourne Cup day and Flemington celebrated his 14th birthday, with a meaty bone for lunch.  Incidentally, he's named after the racecourse where the Cup is held.
Flem doesn't usually have lunch, but for his birthday he had a little party with cousins Zhaan (left) and Molly.

He sleeps most of the day now.  Doesn't get very far on his daily walks, too.
His face wasn't always this gray: here's a couple of pics from his first Christmas (2000).
Here's a young and handsome Flem when he was about a year old, enjoying a picnic during a driving holiday in South Australia with us.

1 comment:

  1. Must be having a treat of his life cos the meat in Oz is always free and juicy. Even the steak from the supermarket is tasty and good.
    May Flemmington have a long and healthy life.