12 Jan 2015

Mandalay: The Tourist Traps

A visit to a silk-weaving factory and shop.
These are the instructions these weavers work to.
The shop front.
These long necked Padaung women were giving demonstrations at another handicraft shop.

Wood carving
Marble sculpting
Finally, gold leaf beating.  These four guys set up a wonderful rhythm with their sledge hammers.
Note the water bowl which has a floating coconut shell with a tiny hole.  The shell takes 30 minutes to fill up and sink and acts as a timer for a rest break.
Pic below shows the works at rest with their pack of gold leaves.


  1. Interesting snapshots. They still have the long-necked women there. We may have a few long-eared ethnic Kayan or Kelabit ladies still around here in Sarawak, I guess - the old ones, a dying breed, that's for sure..

    1. HI suituapui, Thanks for your comment. You have made Sarawak sound like a very interesting place to visit. I've been to Sabah, but never Sarawak. Also have not been to peninsular Malaysia for well over 30 years, not since when I was living in Singapore. Might be time to go soon.