9 Jan 2015

Suburban Wildlife

Saw this little fellow through the kitchen window yesterday.
Seemed to have found something to eat there.  Flemington used to go berserk when he heard them rustling around, but now he's a bit deaf, and I think he's retired from his job of protecting us from these creatures.
Two years ago, I found this corpse in a garden bush nearby.  Wonder how he died there.
Had also found this in 2008 in the backyard, which I believe to the the skeleton of a rat.


  1. Eyewwwww!!!! That's the last thing I would want to see in the house. We do have those in the attic. When I have my afternoon nap, I would hear them doing the tango on the ceiling. Ah well!!! As long as they stay there, that's fine by me!

    Will see one sometimes, dead...in the garden, headless. Many stray cats in the neighbourhood...and they can manage to climb up to those high places to stalk their prey - those predators. Ain't too bad if they hunt them for food but no, they just kill them, snap off the heads and leave the spoils all around. Terrible!!!!!