29 May 2015

ANZAC Centenary Genealogical Project

A couple of weeks ago, we went to Curtin University to see this giant wall photo of 704 Anzacs at the Great Pyramid.
The photo had been blown up to fit an entire wall of the Gallery (10m x 6m) with amazing clarity.
Above, you can see C in relation to the photo.

I didn't bring my camera and C's phone lens wasn't wide enough to accomodate the pic.
In conjunction with the 100th anniversary of ANZAC, the WA Genealogical Society is on a mission to put a name to each of these 704 men in the photograph.

There being no other visitors, the young lady manning the exhibition came over for a chat and told us people have been coming from as far away as Albany with photos of their grandfathers trying to identify them.

A smaller photograph has the men numbered for easy reference.
The young lady advised us that, to date, 273 of the faces have been identified.

She was, however, stumped by C's question: how many of these young men managed to return home, especially as many of them were in that disastrous morning at Gallipoli, commemorated in Australia as Anzac Day on 25 April each year.  Even a quick search of her computer failed to get us the answer.

The information leaflet is here.


  1. That's a beautiful campus! We have a branch campus here in Sarawak, in Miri. Been around for a long time now, should be doing really well.

    1. The photo shows a part of the campus which is, to me, relatively new, as I haven't set foot there for about 30 years. In my early days here, when I was unemployed, I used to go to the library to read the Straits Times. In those days, it wasn't Curtin University yet; it was the WA Institute of Technology (WAIT).

  2. Thanks for sharing Arthur :)