1 Jul 2015

A Look Upwards

Flem and I must have walked past this dead tree in the local dog park (which even has its own Facebook page) countless times.
And I had never thought of looking up at it.
Something made me do so the other day, and I saw this beautiful bee hive nestled in the hollow of a branch, right above my head.
Another dog owner told me it's been there for years.
And when I eventually looked down, there was this friendly fellow at my feet, waiting to say hello and wanting a pat on the head.


  1. You can have free honey which is pure and unadulterated haha

  2. Wowwww!!! Lovely shots!

    1. Thank you, but the honeycomb itself was very beautiful with different shades of colour. It was about 3 metres from the ground.

  3. Good to have a dog park near your home where owner can walk the dog and both can pause for a friendly chat. That friendly fellow( black and white) seems to be like a breed (Japanese dog?) I ocassionally come across during my mornings at the ECP because of their retrieving skills

    Well-formed natural honey combs - do you always carry your camera along with you? If it is a pocket camera, I'll be curious to know what model can deliver such good closed-ups.

  4. The dog parks allow you to let your dog run free, off the leash. In other usual parks, your dog should be kept on a leash. That dog is the size and shape of a Labrador, but has the colour and markings (white chest) of a Border Collie. Could be mixed. Very friendly and loveable chap.

    After I saw the honeycomb, I came back the next day with my dSLR and a 105mm lens. Because my camera has an APSC sensor (smaller than full-sized sensor), the 105mm lens has the effect of a 160 mm lens.