20 Jul 2015

School Holiday Sleepover

They wanted to sleep in the lounge and watch tv till they drop off.
Took them to lunch - he's the fussy eater, will only eat sticky rice and fried squid tentacles.
Whereas we'll eat everything.
After lunch, we took them to the circus.  R had never been to one before, but big sister A had.
And a pic without the coloured lights.
A pony ride for A during intermission, but R declined.
A video of the circus acts can be seen here.


  1. Kids! So much fun sleeping in the living room! I love that patchwork quilt - that's a real beauty. My mum and aunts used to make those. Fussy eaters are good, like my girl - they will never grow fat, not like me. LOL!!! Been so long since a circus came to town - brought my girl to see, very small then, but she did not like it. Would prefer it on TV.

    1. That's not a real quilt; just a printed one.

    2. Yes, we have those here too - Korean ones, not really quilts but they are very nice, very beautiful. Not cheap though - one over RM100...even small ones for kids. I blogged about them here:

    3. No, ours still not as good as those in your blog. Ours is a bedsheet, quiltcover, and pillowcase set. It is just a printed pattern.

  2. I like that Arthur, all in one!! Smart grand parents.