21 Aug 2015

Pills and Bills

Poor 14.5 year old Flem has had a bad week and a half.

He had suddenly broken out in sores all over his body and we also noticed that he was constantly rubbing his eyes.
I won't bore you with all the details, but we shuttled from his vet to his ophthalmologist all week, ending up with eye drops, pills and big bills.

It turned out the the skin eruptions could be some allergic reaction; and his tear ducts had stopped working for some reason (hence the eye rubbing), which then led to a couple of deep ulcers in his cornea.
To test for tears, the ophthalmologist stuck little test strips into his eyes  - which initially read zero.  Now they read 7, 15 or so being normal, I'm told.

A couple of days ago, he felt well enough to sunbathe in the weak winter light.
And later, even asked for a walk. 
 His sores are healing nicely, and it looks hopeful he'll be back to his normal self soon.


  1. Poor thing. It sure looks kinda sad. Hope he will be perfectly all right soonest.

    1. Thank you. Growing old is not easy.