22 May 2016

Birthday Presents

The naughtiest one of them all had his 2nd birthday recently.
 Because he's been banging on my guitar a lot, and threatening to break it, we gave him his own to break.
The speed with which he rips open his present shocked mum!
To balance the masculinity of the fire engine, and to be politically correct, he got a cookware set.
And guess what, the two boys were really into the pretend cooking and their feminine sides!!  Not their sister, though.


  1. Luke Tan11:14 am

    Haha maybe inherited from his grandpa

  2. Which grandpa? haha

  3. Muahahahahaha!!!! What had he been eating? The mouth so dirty! Ooooo...I love the cake, so pretty and nice. Wahhhhh!!!! So two masterchefs in the making eh? Or a grandpa and grandson act on Australia Got Talent! Wink! Wink! LOL!!!

    1. This boy is always messy! I forgot to add pictures of the cake, will do so next post!