16 May 2016

Busselton - the Underwater Observatory

The jetty at Busselton is 1.8 km long, and the guide at the Underwater Observatory at the end of the jetty said it is the longest in the southern hemisphere, and the second longest in the world, after Southend pier (2.16 km) in the UK.

Google, however, says the longest pier or jetty is in Progreso, Mexico (6.5 km long).

To get from shore to the end of the jetty, we boarded this little train, which took us to visit the Underwater Observatory.
I've wanted to visit the Underwater Observatory ever since it opened in 2003, but kept procrastinating, till now, when the Pacific Eden delivered us to its shore.
 It's an interesting building that takes you down via a spiral staircase and walkway down to the level of the sea bed, about 8 metres down from the surface.

Along the way, at intervals, there are windows from which you can view the marine life amongst the jetty supports.
Grandson R had a great time photographing the fish.
Grandma C video'd this.
There was a school or two of salmon swimming around.
A family pic at the end of the jetty, with the ship in the background.


  1. Ahhhhh!!! Your grandson, the avid photographer. How much per entry? They have a place like this in Auckland too but it was way too expensive to go in, especially when converting it into our miserable ringgit. Can't remember the ticket prices of the ones in KL or the Underwater Worlds at Langkawi or Sentosa.

    1. Yes, it's expensive. $85 for family pass, otherwise $32 per adult and $15 per child (5-14) years.