8 May 2016

A Weekend Cruise

Perth - Busselton by road takes just over 2 hours.
In the early days of living here in WA, we went to Busselton numerous times, sometimes passing through on our way elsewhere, and sometimes as a destination itself.  Lately though, I can recall only one instance of stopping there in my 14 years of retirement.

This time we went there on a P and O ship, the Pacific Eden, with our two older grandchildren.
Safety Drill
It was granddaughter A's second cruise with us, and grandson R's first.

He's becoming a mad photographer, taking photos of everything with an old camera of mine that I gave to him.
Young Cameraman
The cruise was over a weekend, and the kids missed about an hour of school on the Friday afternoon, and again a couple of hours on the Monday morning.

We enjoyed the time with the kiddies, but did not like the ship very much.

Someone on Cruisecritic said that P and O stood for Poor and 'Orrible, and we (the adults) heartily agree.  The children loved the ship, though, so that's something.
Watching the Ship sail away on a wet evening
Our cabin was large and spacious, but that's where the good ends.

Food was poor, and we had practically the same stuff daily.  The first things the kids wanted was ice cream, and they charged $5 a scoop!  On other cruises we'd been on, especially the Princess line, ice cream, pizza and burgers were free all day long!

However, it was great to just spend time with the kids.
Board games
R's favourite spot
Story time
R's crazy about machinery and thoroughly enjoyed watching the lifeboats being raised and kept away.
More ice cream!


  1. This grandson of yours is so handsome, going to be a ladykiller some day. Hehehehehe!!! Hey!!! The camera looks like mine, the one I am using for all my photos. Very nice, easy to use. I have a Sony - used for a while and in the end, I just put it back in the box, keep as spare.

    1. Thanks. That camera is a Canon Ixus, one that I used to carry in my pocket when walking my dog. Haven't used it for a while, so gave it to this guy to play around with.

  2. We were charged $6.40 as coop at The Rocks here in Sydney last week!

    1. That'd be tourist prices, wouldn't it?