24 May 2018

My Lucky Find

How wonderful to find a tool I didn't even knew existed, and this tool completely meets my need.

I've been making bak kwa for the grandchildren for over seven years now, and the main difficulty I face in making it is getting the thickness consistent.

Quite by chance one day, I came across this stainless steel rolling pin on YouTube, and then purchased it from eBay.
This rolling pin comes with adjustable raised sides so that I can achieve consistent thickness in my bak kwa slices.
It comes with 2mm, 3mm, 6mm and 10mm discs.

I made batches from both the 2mm and 3mm discs and found that the 3mm disc gave a nice thickness.   After shrinkage post process, you'll actually be eating a slice that's about 2mm thick.

The 2mm disc yielded a final result of 1mm thickness, which we found too thin.

Grandma C also thinks that she can make use of this roller in her baking efforts.
A great buy at about $13.00, from memory.
All rolled out, and ready for the oven.


  1. That's nice, and stainless steel too!

    1. I use Gladwrap over the meat when rolling, so that the meat does not stick to the roller.